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(N)HO 1/3-22

HO Code 83 True-Track 1/3 22" Radius Track - nickel silver - 4 sections

Item: ATL0464
Dimensions: (H x W x L) 0.0 x 0.0 x 0.0
Item# 0464

(4 pcs./package) There is no roadbed track that can match up to
the scale-model quality and versatility of Atlas' True-Track. It
is easy to assemble and affordably priced, but do not mistake
True-Track for a toy. It is a true hobby track system, created
for the novice modeler looking not only for realistic appearance
but unparalleled performance in a ready-to-run roadbed track.
True-Track features Atlas' world-renowned "Snap-Track" that has
been setting the standard for HO track for over 40 years. The
piece of Snap-Track can be removed and used separately as
desired. For more information on how you can use True-Track,
please click here.

Like all Atlas Model Railroad products, True-Track adheres to
high quality, prototype standards that the hobby world demands.
The result is a roadbed track with true-to-prototype gray,
graveled roadbed; code 83 brown ties and nickel silver rail and
correctly angled roadbed shoulder. It looks every bit like real
track with roadbed and balast."