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1:12 Project: Mercury Capsule : Atomic City Model Engineering

Item: MRC0062001
Dimensions: (H x W x L) 0.0 x 0.0 x 0.0
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1:12 Mercury Capsule
Brand: Atomic City

Project Mercury was NASA's name for our first manned space
program, and on May 5, 1961, Commander Alan B. Shepard Jr.
piloted Freedom 7 to became the first American in space.

MRC, along with Atomic City Model Engineering recreated a perfect

miniature of this aircraft and it?s escape tower. Measuring over
2 feet tall, this miniature piece of history is incredibly
detailed with attention to detail that will astound you. The
Mercury capsule?s corrugated exterior is fully covered with
rivets, engraved markings and every detail of the original. The
interior detail contains the instrumentation along with a vinyl
Astronaut figure to add to the realism. The three rocket, red
escape tower is there too, and on the original would have
rocketed the capsule to safety if there was a problem with the
Redstone launch vehicle.

This is an impressive model, and the space modeler can build any
one of the six legendary Mercury capsules.

* Corrugated exterior covered with rivets and fully engraved
* Marvelously detailed cockpit interior
* Includes escape tower, antenna fairing, recovery
compartment, crew cabin, heat shield, vinyl astronaut figure, and

* All parts fit together beautifully
* Comes with decals for you to build any one of the legendary
Mercury capsules.