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Item: MRCAG990
Dimensions: (H x W x L) 0.0 x 0.0 x 0.0
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10 amps give G gauge railroaders the power they need

Power G ushers in a new era of DC power and control for the
special needs of large scale trains including G and Number 1
Gauge. From its handsome retro design and realistic feel to its
massive reservoir of power, this is a sophisticated, commanding
train control. Power G will handle up to seven locos running in
tandem without breaking a sweat. It easily delivers slow speed
that?s smooth and controlled. Its linear transition from slow
going to highballing is responsive. Power G ?large scale power

Check out these features:

* A massive 10 amps of power
* Easily handles seven locos running in tandem
* Indicator lights for power and overload
* Handles the high power needs of clubs and other large-size
* Linear transition from slow to highballing
* Large throttle handle looks and feels like the real thing