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M551 Sheridan in Action

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M551 Sheridan in Action
(Soft Cover)
Product Code: SS2041


By Doyle.
Beginning in 1966, the Allison Division of General
Motors built 1,562 M551s with primary armament being a
152-millimeter gun/launcher capable of firing conventional
ammunition or the Ford-built Shillelagh anti-tank missile. The
Sheridan was indeed a unique vehicle that served the US Army over

3 decades. While it was conceived as a light Armored
Reconnaissance/Airborne Assault Vehicle that had both amphibious
and airborne assault abilities, the casual observer, and most in
the military, saw the M551 Sheridan as a tank. Whatever the
conception, this vehicle proved an asset to the Army in Vietnam,
Panama, and Operation Desert Storm. With a 4-man crew, this
6-cylinder Detroit Diesel engine-powered vehicle, though retired,

has yet to be replaced by a more suitable military asset.
Illustrated with 91 color photos, 8 b/w photos, 7 color profiles,

3-view drawing, vehicle development illustrations, and 2
colorized camouflage patterns; 60 pages.