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Dealer Application

Dear Hobby Dealer or Prospective Hobby Dealer;

Thank you for your interest in California Hobby Distributors. Included in this packet is information on our company, terms and policy stock and a Dealer Application.

If you are considering opening a new hobby business, please consider the following questions:

  • Do you have ample capital for both the necessary initial investment as well as a reserve for potential complications? A large amount of initial capital will help build a solid foundation for your company.
  • Have you targeted a location? Do you know the total cost for rent, maintenance and taxes? Be especially careful of leases, for they can be difficult to change. It is a worthy investment to have a business attorney review any lease or contract. Have you carefully surveyed the area? How is the surrounding market? Will you be a full-function dealer or a specialist?
  • Do you know what your total overhead will be for at least the first two years? Consider such expenses as rent, insurance, utilities, taxes, licenses, wages, bookkeeping and legal services.
  • Have you planned for the initial expenditure for fixtures, a cash register, deposits, and signs?
  • Do you have quality, knowledgeable, available help? We recommend finding experienced attendants who know the hobby business. Customers tend to buy from shops for personal service and a reliable overall experience.
  • When do you plan to begin operation? Remember to allow time for any supplier to properly stock you.

California Hobby Distributors stocks a full range of model train, railroad accessories, scale detail and scenery supplies, plastic kits, stick and tissue airplanes, rockets, paints, brushes, airbrushes, adhesives, hand and power tools, wood (balsa, bass, plywood and other specialty woods), metal supplies, plastic building shapes, balsa gliders, alkaline batteries, books, rock tumblers, educational model projects.

For the protection of our customers and the integrity of the hobby industry, we do not sell to dealers working out of their homes or garages, mail order or internet businesses. If you are a full function brick and mortar store looking for a well-rounded, personalized source of hobby goods, please consider California Hobby Distributors. If you are ever in the area on business or vacation, we invite you to drop by our warehouse for a visit.

Thank you for considering our services. If you decide to avail upon our distribution, please click on the Dealer Application Link and then Print and Complete and return the Dealer Application. You can mail or FAX us the Application. Upon approval, we can help you build your merchandise.

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