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Pure Power Dual Control

Item: MRCAH601
Dimensions: (H x W x L) 0.0 x 0.0 x 0.0
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Go Retro with the New MRC Pure Power Dual Control

MRC announces awesome power and advanced sine wave technology for
AC trains - the Pure Power Dual Control. Each side of MRC?s new
AC transformer offers 7 amps of power and 0~21 VAC of smooth,
realistic variable control. Just like the Pure Power single but
with twice the output, the Pure Power Dual Control runs all AC
powered trains and their sound systems.

Big, comfortable throttle control makes you feel like you?re
behind a real locomotive. Each throttle has its own separate amp
meter and voltmeter so you can monitor your layout conditions.

The Pure Power Dual features 14-volt AC terminals for
accessories, and a power indicator light. Bell and whistle/horn
buttons are available for each control. The Pure Power Dual
provides over 270 watts to the track. And with its rugged retro
looks, it makes for an attractive addition to your layout.

Check it out and you?ll be impressed at just how affordable it


* Retro good looks
* 270 watts of power
* 0~21 volts variable AC for train operation on each throttle
* 4 meters (2 volt and 2 amp) for monitoring layout
conditions and programming some sound equipped locomotives
* Horn/whistle, bell and direction buttons for each throttle
* Fixed 14-volt AC output terminals for accessories
* Master on-off switch and pilot light